Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

This is our one eyed dog Fluffy.  He's really an adorable fluffy puppy.  When we found him on the side of the road he was almost bald with patches of rash.  I called him fluffy in jest, and look at what a beautiful dog he has become.   Villa Orleans is pet-friendly.

This is Martin, a medium-sized 1 1/2 year old lab mix who is neutered and immunized.  He was found as a puppy in the middle of the road suffering injuries, including a broken front paw from a hit and run.  But today, despite his permanent limp, he is a feisty boy who loves to frolic with dogs, ignores cats and accompanies the foster mom when ever she's in the garden.  He's been house trained and walks on a leash.  He would be a great addition to any family! By the way, he was named after the patron saint of dogs, Saint Martin.  He needs a home.
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