Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Mango Trees Flowering in Puerto Rico

Mango flowers off road 429. I also noticed trees along 115 were also flowering.

I like plants, and I can't help but to notice mango trees are already flowering for spring.  Since I moved to Puerto Rico I noticed trees flower in January, but this year they flowered in November.

Global warming? A rainy dry season?  Who knows?

The trees in my back yard have yet to flower.  They give us 2 great crops a year.  We have the typical mango here, and I believe they're called Bombay Gold.  They're sweet and tasty.  We dehydrate them (with lemon and honey), make jams, and smoothies.  I'm growing pineapple mangoes, but they've yet to produce fruit.

Rincon Puerto Rico

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