Saturday, December 13, 2008


One of my favorite fruits is guanabana or soursop. I have about 10 trees on the property. The fruit is very tasty. If you let it ripen it's very sweet. If you eat it green it's apple tart and crispy. It's stingy to eat.  We juice it, chill it and add a little vanilla and it tastes like creamy vanilla ice cream.  These get to the size of a football.
Guanabana also has some medicinal properties.  Every region uses it differently. It's: Antibacterial, anti parasitic, antispasmodic, astringent, hypotensive, insecticide, sedative, and cytotoxic.
I've read there are phytochemicals in the leaves, seeds and stem of the guanabana which are cytotoxic against various types of cancer cells. But after a net search I can't find any credible information on its research, but many sites trying to sell you on guanabana.
The leaves sell for $15 a pound on the net.  This tree grows wild in Puerto Rico.

Its leaves can be used as tea and with a bit of honey, it's great.

Rincon Puerto Rico
This is an old article on guanabana:   Purdue University

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