Thursday, November 20, 2008

Puerto Rico Vacation Rentals


We get interesting visitors at the villa, and this past week we had a group of 8 gentlemen who had not visited Puerto Rico, since 1970.  They were having a college reunion.   These are professional guys, some retired, some still working, but all with the party of youth inside.
Cases and cases of empty bottles were piled against the wall.  At one point I heard them yodeling, and splashing in the water.
This is their note:
Villa Orleans Review
Greg told me, he was arrested the first day in Rincon.  He came to surf. He was in college, and on his first day he saw a yola (a large wooden row boat) and since it was on the beach, with oars, he thought it was public, so he took it for a spin, and this disturbed two angry fishermen, who called the police.

They were surprised at how much Rincon had grown.  They camped out on the beach in 1970. I don't think beach camping is allowed today.   I know we'll see them again, but this time with their families.

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