Saturday, October 11, 2008

Rincon Puerto Rico

Surf Rider Beach Clean Up

Black Eagle Marina

This morning we volunteered for a SurfRider beach clean up. We got there late, and the volunteers went down the beach. We took the other side, and picked up about half a dozen bags filled with plastic bags, nylon rope, plastic bottles, beer bottles, aluminum cans, a few diapers and a tire.

Rincon Puerto Rico

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Surfrider Rincón said...

Thanks again for coming out. We had 25 volunteers collect over 35 bags of trash and the beach looked spectacular by the end of the morning. Our organization, the Surfrider Foundation, is a grassroots organization that depends on volunteers and members like you, so join us today. Our local website is or go to for more info about our ongoing Coral Reef Restoration Project.