Friday, October 24, 2008

Puerto Rico

Stray Dog Stories

Puerto Rico has a stray dog problem. I've adopted 7 dogs off the streets. This summer we had two guests also adopting dogs and taking them back to the states.
Coqui, showed up, looking like a Rastafarian dog, his hair tangled into dreadlocks. Guests from Florida cut and shaved his locks and then he looked like a mutant poodle. They didn't take him, but then guests from New Hampshire visited, with kids, and they loved him. They shaved him completely, and in a few months his hair grew back, and now Coqui is a regal canine.

Moca is the latest adopted dog. This is his before picture. A wonderful family from New York adopted her.

We help our local animal organizations: Villa Michelle in Mayaguez, and ARF (Animal Rescue Foundation) in Rincon. We help them with web stuff.
I'm working on a directory to list all animal organizations on the island. I'm still tinkering with the template.

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Nic said...

Rasta coqui -- what an adorable little dog! Enjoying your blog and nice work on the dog rescues. Will be in Rincon Tues Oct 28-Sat Nov 8, visiting from Santa Cruz CA, can't wait!