Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Puerto Rico

Hurricane Omar

It looks like this storm will miss the western side of the island. Last night I went to meets our new guests from Las Vegas. Their plane arrived at 11 pm and we were at Villa Orleans by midnight. It's their first time in Rincon, PR. The moon was up like a spot light, and it felt like dawn. I could see for miles clearly. Low tide was extremely low, and the water had an eery calm.
Today Hurricane Omar is expected farther east. At this posting its winds are at 85 miles per hour. Whew! A few weeks ago it rained and about 30 inches on rain fell on parts of Puerto Rico, and it hasn't dried yet. When it gets this soggy, trees fall over, rock slides, mud slides, low lying areas flood. This storm will bring us more rain than we want.
Check out NOAA, they're the best. They give you good sense with pictures of what is going on.
I live up in the mountains of Mayaguez, and outside my window it looks like a postcard. Nothings moves. It is hot and humid. We have a jungle around our house and there are always birds eating left over dog food, and they make a racket. Today they're quiet. I hear a lone cricket.

Rincon Puerto Rico

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