Monday, October 6, 2008

Puerto Rico

Sears Refrigerators

We like Sears and have always bought their products. We especially like their guarantees, but this times we made a mistake. We bought this "vinyl" coated fridge because we thought this coating would protect it from the salt. Living on the beach we get salty air. But this is not a vinyl coating. It is a type of paint that cannot withstand salt. I bought the extended guarantee, but Sears does not cover rust damage. This fridge is about a year old.
I was complaining to the gentleman who removed a swarm of bees, and he told me his son repainted refrigerators. I went to see him, and he told me he gets many refrigerators needing painting repairs. His specialty is cars, but he does fridges on the side. He charged us $160 for this paint job. He used European sports car paint. It looks really cool now, I only wished I would have chosen another color.
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Yuquifish said...

Lived near the beach in PR for years, yards from the water actually, the salty air is killer on metals and even plastics...its like living on a landlocked boat.

Anyway, auto paint is good but maritime epoxy paint is better; it requires three steps (1) remove rust (2) apply epoxy primer (3) apply epoxy paint.

The colors are more limited than auto colors, however, if you are going to do basic colors it doesn't matter.