Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Puerto Rico Vacation Rental

Villa Orleans Review

Villa Orleans Review

Our guests come from all the states. This past week we had visitors from Nevada. This note says:
"Dear Roberto and family, thank you for your grand hospitality, and thank you for sharing your dogs, Luke and Limpy. They are enchanting and great protectors. My friends and I had fun in this home. It was a great experience. May God protect you and your dogs. They are angels in this home. Thank You for everything, good bye and good luck."
These were the folks that came in the day before Hurricane Omar was supposed to hit. They weren't concerned about the hurricane. The morning the hurricane was supposed to hit, they were playing dominos and having a few beers in the terrace. When they made their reservation in August, they said temperature in Laughlin, Nevada was 110. Wow.

Puerto Rico Vacation Rental Villa Orleans

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