Thursday, October 30, 2008

Puerto Rico Lighthouse

Rincon PR

This is the Lighthouse Park in Rincon Puerto Rico. It's really a neat place. You can see several surf areas: Domes, Deadman's, Indicators and Maria's.
There used to be binoculars at certain points, but someone took them. There is pathway around the park using recycled plastic. They are wood-looking plastic railroad tiles.
Puerto Rico Villa

Monday, October 27, 2008

Rincon Puerto Rico

Road Trip

Road Trip

I traveled to the other side of the island via the south: Road # 2 to Juncos. I had to pick up some art for our Rincon PR Art Gallery. In the past this was an annoying route, as there was continual construction along Hormigueros, San German and Ponce. The traffic snarls alone added an extra hour to the trip to the other sided of the island- but, the construction is over.
It is faster getting to San Juan from the north, but continual traffic lights make for a stop and go progress. The southern route has fewer traffic lights, and long stretches of driving. The route is longer but definitely more beautiful.
At times the mountains remind me of parts of the rocky mountains, the steep climbs and inclines; or parts of the velvet covered Swiss Alps in the summer.
Juncos is only 2.5 hours from Rincon Puerto Rico.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Puerto Rico

Stray Dog Stories

Puerto Rico has a stray dog problem. I've adopted 7 dogs off the streets. This summer we had two guests also adopting dogs and taking them back to the states.
Coqui, showed up, looking like a Rastafarian dog, his hair tangled into dreadlocks. Guests from Florida cut and shaved his locks and then he looked like a mutant poodle. They didn't take him, but then guests from New Hampshire visited, with kids, and they loved him. They shaved him completely, and in a few months his hair grew back, and now Coqui is a regal canine.

Moca is the latest adopted dog. This is his before picture. A wonderful family from New York adopted her.

We help our local animal organizations: Villa Michelle in Mayaguez, and ARF (Animal Rescue Foundation) in Rincon. We help them with web stuff.
I'm working on a directory to list all animal organizations on the island. I'm still tinkering with the template.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Puerto Rico Vacation Rental

Villa Orleans Review

Villa Orleans Review

Our guests come from all the states. This past week we had visitors from Nevada. This note says:
"Dear Roberto and family, thank you for your grand hospitality, and thank you for sharing your dogs, Luke and Limpy. They are enchanting and great protectors. My friends and I had fun in this home. It was a great experience. May God protect you and your dogs. They are angels in this home. Thank You for everything, good bye and good luck."
These were the folks that came in the day before Hurricane Omar was supposed to hit. They weren't concerned about the hurricane. The morning the hurricane was supposed to hit, they were playing dominos and having a few beers in the terrace. When they made their reservation in August, they said temperature in Laughlin, Nevada was 110. Wow.

Puerto Rico Vacation Rental Villa Orleans

Monday, October 20, 2008

Rincon Puerto Rico

Organic Farmer's Market


This past weekend there was farmer's market in Rincon, but the products were organic. The first and third Sundays of the month, from 8 am to 1-ish, you'll find products from all over the island. Plenty of fruits, veggies, coffee, jellies, herbs, and other goodies.
The mayor of Rincon, Carlos Lopez stopped by, and posed with Vivian, Anita.

Rincon Puerto Rico

Friday, October 17, 2008

Rincon Puerto Rico Vacation Rentals

Guest Review

Recently the New York Times ran an article giving bad publicity to Puerto Rico Vacation Rentals. The article was one sided, and gave the impression to distrust vacation rentals, and some listing companies, as the vacationer wanted to post a review of the vacation rental she stayed in, but couldn't. The rental company that advertised the rental would not allow it.
I know many vacation rental owners in Rincon, and we take pride in our rental homes. Our guests return. There's a great place to post reviews of negative experiences, it's called Vacation Rental Watch Dogs.

Rincon Puerto Rico

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Puerto Rico

Hurricane Omar

It looks like this storm will miss the western side of the island. Last night I went to meets our new guests from Las Vegas. Their plane arrived at 11 pm and we were at Villa Orleans by midnight. It's their first time in Rincon, PR. The moon was up like a spot light, and it felt like dawn. I could see for miles clearly. Low tide was extremely low, and the water had an eery calm.
Today Hurricane Omar is expected farther east. At this posting its winds are at 85 miles per hour. Whew! A few weeks ago it rained and about 30 inches on rain fell on parts of Puerto Rico, and it hasn't dried yet. When it gets this soggy, trees fall over, rock slides, mud slides, low lying areas flood. This storm will bring us more rain than we want.
Check out NOAA, they're the best. They give you good sense with pictures of what is going on.
I live up in the mountains of Mayaguez, and outside my window it looks like a postcard. Nothings moves. It is hot and humid. We have a jungle around our house and there are always birds eating left over dog food, and they make a racket. Today they're quiet. I hear a lone cricket.

Rincon Puerto Rico

Monday, October 13, 2008

Puerto Rico

Tropical Storm

Just when we thought the storms were over, another one is visiting.  This one is coming up slowly, and it is supposed to come through the Mona Passage. When storms come up this way we get nice waves breaking left to right. The last storm that passed by a few weeks ago flooded parts of the eastern side of the island. And the eastern side is getting flooded again.
These photos are from:
It's simply the best site to see satellite weather photos.
It seems this storm just passed us by and is returning just to rain on us.

Puerto Rico Villa Orleans

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Puerto Rico

Tropical Fruit

at Villa Orleans

I love fruit, and in the tropics there are so many flavors you'll never see in the states. I visit the Farmer's Market, and road side fruit vendors, and I grow my own. Certain trees do well near the beach, others don't. We have coconuts, tamarind, guanabana, mispero, oranges, pineapples, lemons, start fruit, jobos, madarines, sour oranges, avocados, canistel, guava, papaya, passion fruit and mangoes. Each fruit come in season at different times of the year. Some trees have several crops a year. The flavors are wonderful.
Among my favorites are:
Guanabana, because of it's anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties. You can eat the fruit and make a nice flavored tea from it's leaves.
Canistel, because of it's flavor, very sweet, great for milk shakes.
Mango, because you can dehydrate them, milk shake them, juice them, cheese cake them, and at the villa we get so many, we can't even give them away.
Oranges, because their flavor is wonderful. During season, a sack of about a 100 oranges goes for about $8, and we juice every day.

Puerto Rico Villa Orleans

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Rincon Puerto Rico

Surf Rider Beach Clean Up

Black Eagle Marina

This morning we volunteered for a SurfRider beach clean up. We got there late, and the volunteers went down the beach. We took the other side, and picked up about half a dozen bags filled with plastic bags, nylon rope, plastic bottles, beer bottles, aluminum cans, a few diapers and a tire.

Rincon Puerto Rico

Friday, October 10, 2008

Rincon Puerto Rico

Hawaiian Shaved Ice: Tropical Snow

This is Jack Foster, he likes traveling. He came down from Montana to the Virgin Islands and found them too expensive. With his left over money, he flew over to San Juan, Puerto Rico and asked the first person he found, "What's a nice town to visit?" "Rincon," they told him. So here he is, one year later.
Jack told me, it took him one year to get his business permits, when in Montana, it took him one day. Puerto Rico is full of business minded folks, but the government is not business friendly.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Beachfront Vacation Rental Apartment

Rincon Puerto Rico

Casa Artista is our one bedroom beachfront apartment. It has everything a couple needs for exploring the island. Casa Artista is 10 minutes to great surf, although sometimes we do get surf at Villa Orleans.

Puerto Rico Beach Photos

Rincon Puerto Rico Things to Do

Rincon PR Casa Artista Video

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Rincon Puerto Rico

Surf Rider Beach Clean Up

Surf Rider Beach Clean UP

This weekend there is a beach clean up at the Black Eagle and Maria's Beach. Be there at 8:00 am.
I don't understand why folks litter these beaches when they are beautiful.
A few weeks ago we took out a ton of trash.
Check out the SurfRider Blog:
And my beach pictures:
Rincon PR Beach Photos

Monday, October 6, 2008

Puerto Rico

Sears Refrigerators

We like Sears and have always bought their products. We especially like their guarantees, but this times we made a mistake. We bought this "vinyl" coated fridge because we thought this coating would protect it from the salt. Living on the beach we get salty air. But this is not a vinyl coating. It is a type of paint that cannot withstand salt. I bought the extended guarantee, but Sears does not cover rust damage. This fridge is about a year old.
I was complaining to the gentleman who removed a swarm of bees, and he told me his son repainted refrigerators. I went to see him, and he told me he gets many refrigerators needing painting repairs. His specialty is cars, but he does fridges on the side. He charged us $160 for this paint job. He used European sports car paint. It looks really cool now, I only wished I would have chosen another color.
Call William for Fridge Paint Jobs in Rincon Puerto Rico: 787-823-3654

Puerto Rico Beach Photos

Rincon Puerto Rico Things to Do, besides worrying about refrigerators.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Steps Beach Rincon PR

We went snorkeling but the water was too rough. Waves were beginning to pick up. I was hoping to get more underwater video, but it would have to be another day.  Later on we went to Domes Beach, and there were nice waves.
Rincon Puerto Rico Beachfront Villa Orleans

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Mayaguez Farmer's Market

The Mayaguez Farmer's Market is often ignored in many tourist publications, but it's rally a neat place. It's not large, but it is worth a visit, simply to see and taste a great variety of tropical fruits and products.
You can buy home made hot sauce, honey, home made remedies, fresh poultry (you choose your live chicken, duck, turkey, pigeon) and a variety of tropical fruit in all sorts of sizes and flavors.

View Plaza del Mercado or Farmer's Market in a larger map

Rincon Puerto Rico Beachfront Villa Orleans