Sunday, April 13, 2008

Rincon Puerto Rico Beachfront Vacation Rental | Yoga Retreats

This is our walk-through of our beachfront vacation home in Rincon, Puerto Rico. The ocean continually changes colors, and exact colors are hard to capture. After I finished shooting this video, my batteries ran out, and there was a school of dolphin in front of the house.
Rincon Puerto Rico Beachfront Villas

Rincon PR Beachfront Villa

Rincon Puerto Rico Villa Orleans is a 6 bedroom beachfront vacation rental in Puerto Rico. Great for family reunions, yoga retreats or artists.  It is spacious for a small group.

In Rincon Puerto Rico, during the winter the water is cool and delicious. During the summer it's warm and lazy. Water sports like diving, snorkeling, surfing, sailing, kayaking, parasailing, whale watching, deep sea fishing are popular. There is also horseback riding, and golf nearby .

Villa Orleans Video Tour:
Rincon Puerto Rico Beachfront Villa Video Tour

Rincon Puerto Rico Villa Orleans

JetBlue, Spirit and Continental fly in Aguadilla airport, just 40 minutes away.

No passport is required.

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